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Dear Freegigmusic Friend:

This site is free and always will be.

If you use the sheet music and would like to say "Thank You", would you please consider making a donation in any amount?

Your kindness would be greatly appreciated.

Enjoy your music!

violinist Wanda Sobieska, founder of freegigmusic


thanks very much for the piece i downloaded ---appreciate it.

Dear Fellow Musician!

I have a trio... live in the Garden Route in South Africa.. you will not know how incredible this website of yours is!!! Indeed you are serving musicians all over the world! Thank you for all your time and effort put into all of these arrangements!!!! This is wonderful to know that someone cares so much about classical music and are willing to to do such an amazing job for people you don't even know!! May God richly bless you for using your gifts like this!!!! Thank you again... sooo much! Kindest regards

What a wonderful service you're providing! Hopefully everyone will feel moved to contribute something on their first experience with it and annually thereafter.

Dude, I wish you were my brother or stehoming. So you can teach me. You rock so much. How did you get that good? It must've taken years and years and years of unending??? practice. I hope someday I'll be as good as you. (((-_________- You are an awesome violinist. And, pianist too. Hahaha. You're my new idol.

from Denmark

Hi Wanda-we just want to thank-you; we love your arrangements!
We are a wind trio/quartet -oboe, clarinet, bassoon and sometimes flute (all adults). thanks!

Thanks for providing us this fine music !

Dear Wanda,

The site is very very useful. Especially for people in remote parts of the world or in a country where western classical has very little encouragement, mostly because of bias.

God bless you with the projects.

With best Regards,

Hello Wanda,

Thank you for for making wonderful music freely available.

Just wanted to say thank you and affirm, as I'm sure many have already, that this website is a lifesaver.

What a great initiative. I hope this small donation helps a bit with your costs.

you are a lifesaver !! Schubert Ave Maria in Db yippeeee - never been able to find it anywhere before!!
I donated $10 as thanx
J. from Sydney

your website is great !!

from Italy

I was able to sing Ave Verum Corpus K618 Mozart because I found the music and lyrics on Thank you.

Dear Wanda,
I am a music lover in South Africa and so so so thankfull for your web-site. It is wonderful and I will keep watching it for updates

So grateful for your site. You've pulled my chestnuts from the fire more than once!

wedding singer needed accompaniment to Pie Jesu in a different key. Thanks

Fantastic work


Just a note to day a HUGE thank you for putting this all together!! I look forward to supporting this for years to come.


Thank you for your site! It is very helpful!

dear Wanda Sobieska
I am a violinist and Kamancha player from Tabriz-Iran. It is my dream to have a website like the one you have for Azeri Kamanche and violin just like the one you have which I am also working toward it.
best regards

Thank you so much for making this music available. I'm not a classically trained vocalist, normally I sing jazz & soul, but I've been asked to perform Schubert's "Ave Maria" for an upcoming event. Finding your charts in free PDF format, and especially that you noted what keys are standard for the various different voices was enormously helpful. Thanks so much & best wishes! ~ D.

Hi Wanda,

I've taken arrangements a couple of times from your website, and we appreciate you taking the time to offer your arrangements on line.

Many thanks,

from South Africa

Wanda, what great arrangements!! Please continue to send all new ones to me.. I am using for many types of gigs this summer... Thank you hugely for your fine work!!
All the best,
Violin I in S. Phil and coordinator of The B. String Quartet

Dear Wanda, I am 65 yrs of age and a Professor of Medicine in India. I have been learning the violin mostly on my own. In this place there is very little interst in classical western music, and believe me -- there is only one amateur cello player, also on his own. Your site has given hope to us as we cannot afford the original. Thanks for the noble service.

We liked the duets for 2 violins. My violin burned in our house fire, and my husband just got us two violins. I haven't played in over 35 years. My husband is learning the violin. We are having fun!!! Thanks for the free music.

Thank you for such a great resource!

Your website got me out of a jam with Ave Maria for a wedding yesterday. Soloist was contralto, and I only had sheet music in B flat (too high for her but she said she cud do it) intuition said get a lower key - it was too late to order book with different keys, and I don't transpose classical music. Thank you for providing this website and keep up the great work!

Dear Wanda,
Thanks a lot for your useful web-site. I was looking for Ombra mai fu by G.F. Haendel and fortunately found it here. For my voice it is convinient to sing this aria in C-major.

from Russia

Fabulous! My best friend needed Ave Maria in a much lower key for her role in the play "Souvenir". Thanks! Wish you had tons more!

I lead a professional string ensemble for which I have done about 150 arrangements and two children's string ensembles, and your arrangements are much appreciated and save me a lot of work.

Best wishes,

Hello, Just wanted to say thanks for the music! This is a fantastic resource and much appreciated. Hope your site can continue to grow. Regards

Thanks so much for the clean and beautiful piano/vocal sheet music. It is just what I was looking for! I'll be back for more, I'm sure.

Hi there! I love this website :) thank you for all the efforts!

It is surely a cheerful piece for gig~ :)

Thank you.

Hi Wanda,

You are so welcome. I wish it could be more. I am grateful to YOU for the work you put into the site and arrangements. It has been helpful to me.

Many blessings to you,


Thank you for a great quartet collection!


thanks wanda,

my sister sang this at our mums funeral yesterday . she chose sheep safely graze as our mum was a sheep farmer. My sister didnt have the music and it was very helpful to be able to have all the transpositions so that we could find one that was perfect for her range.

Thanks for the excellent arrangement of the Franck Panis Angelicus for vocal duet. Thought I'd be searching forever for this.

Happy to have discovered your site .

Thank you so much for maintaining this incredible resource! I will definitely be making a donation, along with my quartet members, in the near future. Thank you, thank you!

Wanda, thank you so much for this!! You are a life-saver! Just started cello. Broke, poor, so free would be fabulous! Blessings, U

excellent site thank you - recommending to colleagues!

Again thanks for all your help and great works.

from California

Thank you for your website... keep up the good work!

Your arrangements have saved me more than once and I appreciate it!

I printed some sheet music I needed for a wedding tomorrow. Thank you so much for your site!

WOW and THANK YOU - I just found your website. Why it took me so long I don't know but I'm thankful I found it. Your arrangements are great - thanks for your musicianship!

-another violinist (with a violist son and cellist daughter, we're sure to use your music!)

Thanks so much for the great site! I was able to get some wonderful pieces for my student quartet. I really appreciate it!

Highly recommended for voice teachers and wedding singers. Very nice piano vocal arrangements of classical standards.

Thank you so much for your posting online of your arrangements. It's saved me so much stress getting ready for a wedding with my string Quartet this weekend. I had so little time and so much to do, and your music really helped me a lot.

your site is saving my butt right now. thanks a million!

from North Dakota

Thank you for your amazing work!
It saved me time (and money).

Wish you all the best!

I will look for whatever music I have and I will share it with you too.

Thank you,

Hello Wanda!

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the hard work you have done! I am a violinist, and a music student at a university in South Carolina. I was hired to play at a wedding with a trio and another with a duet, and I had no idea where I was going to find simple trio/duet pieces and how much it was going to cost. I then stumbled upon your site and it has become my best friend! I literally began to tear up because I was so happy that I found this gold mine of music to use! This is a fantastic resource and I give you the highest praise!

Thank you again!

Thank you so much ! I can't make a donation tonight, but will do so very soon.


My (intermediate) friends and myself love the string arrangements we tried. It's hard to find good arrangements at our level. Most of them don't sound like much.
Keep up the good work

What a wonderful site! Thank you so much! My husband is a CCM grad also. We have two daughters, one plays violin, the other cello. Thank you again! :-)

Thank you so much Wanda,
This is a great help.

Director of Strings GHS.

from Australia

Thank you, again! This is a time saver, and the scores are clean and easy to read.

Dear Wanda,

I donated to thank you for running such an excellent site - it is a wonderful resource for all gig-playing musicians. The numerous formats you have arranged the pieces for is very convenient, especially for the 2 violin and cello trio I play for. It has been a bit of a pain finding music at short notice in the past for brides who like to change their minds! Please keep up the excellent work.

Thank you again for your hard work. I hope the gigs keep flowing in for your group.

All the best,

from Ireland

Wow Wanda - I'm playing violin duos at a wedding tomorrow, and I've just found your site and printed off a few essentials. Thanks so much! Will donate NOW x x x

from the UK

My wife and I are playing in a wedding, and your violin/cello arrangements will work nicely for prelude and reception music.
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you very much for creating this website!


Thanks for helping the working musician.


Gracias por contribuir a la musica....

Thank you so much!

My quartet is doing a wedding in two weeks and this is so helpful! Thank you for everything you do.


Hello Wanda,

I just want to say THANK YOU so much for creating this website! I am sending an email out to every musician I know about your website. It is hard enough to find quality arrangements of individual pieces... much less for free!

Best regards,

from Canada

Thank you so much for the music. It worked very well for my last wedding gig. It's good to have some good trio arrangements as well! I have two trio gigs coming up, and I know they will be of value to me.

Just want to say thank your for the selections and the arrangements. We're a group of fiddle players who normally do Celtic, Irish, Canadian etc. fiddle music and desperately wanted a change of pace. We are seniors, not terrific players, and your music is perfect. Thanks.

Thanks Wanda, think you have just saved my life with your competent arrangement of Air on a G string - unlike the one available on Petrucci. has saved my butt on more than one occasion. Thank you, and happy birthday to your website!

Dear Wanda,

I just received a thank you note from you, and wanted to respond to that.

I think your arrangements are really excellent, beautiful very practical. I am the mother of 5 string players and have created and managed our gig books for about 30 years. I know good gig music when I see it!

No hassle. Nobody worried about how many PDF's are being passed around. Just music. I was delighted to have the music, and of course, delighted to pay for it! So I just sent along a donation and thanked you a hundred times in my mind for making it so easy for me to get what I needed.

Best of luck with all you do. And thanks once again.

This is a wonderful resource-- thank you so much for doing this!

Thank you for this service. I will donate more as time goes by!

God Bless You. I'll be back.

Thank you for this site! It really came in handy in a pinch when my friend asked me to play music for his wedding reception in Nanjing, China. There aren't many sheet music stores here.. :) I thought I'd have to get everything off IMSLP but you've made it really easy. Thanks for your help and good luck with the opera and freelance work.

Thank you, Wanda, for providing a fine service! I downloaded "Flower Duet" for brass quintet. I expect I'll return for more. For the H.P. Brass Quintet, ~ B. ~

Thank you very much for your arrangements, it certainly saves me some time trying to find pieces, or even arrange them myself (phew, what a relief!) Not to mention the convenience of downloading and printing them from anywhere!

Thank you so so much for this wonderful site! It has helped me lot, and the every-key music for piano is extremely useful. I really appreciate what you do!

Thanks so much for making this site available to all the giggers out there!

I love your stuff. Thank you for having it up and sorry I meant to donate sooner!

I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a wonderful site. I feel like I've been given an early Christmas present.
I only found you by chance during one of my early morning visits to the Internet.
Everything I could ever want and I can't believe it's all free.
Will pass on your details to many of my music friends.
Thanks again - and can't wait to visit you again.

from the UK

Thank you for your kindness in sharing your arrangements. I am with a small community group near Ottawa, Canada. We have selected Bach's Air on the G-String, Franck's Panis Angelicus, Mouret's Rondeau, and the Wedding Marches of both Mendelsson and Wagner.

Hello Wanda,
thank you for your website! You've done a great work.

from Italy

Thank you so much for sharing this! You are a life saver. I will check often for additions you make. I especially appreciate the friendly format you use. Much appreciated!

I REALLY appreciate you making this website! I am a violist who wants to include my brother, who plays cello, in playing at weddings! I love this website so much.


from Louisiana


Thanks for making the sheet music available. I downloaded Schubert's "Ave Maria" in Ab major - just what I needed!
By the way, we have a priest from Columbus, OH here in Estonia :-)


Hi Wanda

Just wanted to say I really appreciate the work you have done and respect you for making it available for free.

I have made a small donation to you..

Please continue the good work!


from South Africa

Thank you! I will add to my favorites.

my congratulations, it's a great job the arrangement made for this song. I am a violinist and much admired this page.

Dear Wanda
Thanks for all your hard work and for making your arrangements available. As a working musician and fellow arranger help is much appreciated!

Thanks Wandita!

A friend of our quartet passed away recently. We are in our way to Albuquerque for his service, and I remember your website! I printed the Air for the string and the Mozart Ave verum corpus. You saved us. Hope all is well.


Dear Wanda Sobieska,
I wrote from old germany. By a friend a discover your appreciate page. Your page is really worth to be donated. I did it just now. I'm a amateur-violinist and playing in small Ensembles like string duo oder trio, sometimes together with piano. Thank you for very much, for this Page!!

Thanks for your fine ministries

Thank you so much for your great job! I was desperately looking for some violin+viola+cello music and/or arrangements, and then I found your website... Awesome!!! Well done, and break a leg for... everything!

from Italy

Keep up the good work!!

Hi Wanda,

I love your site!


I just threw a small donation your way. Thanks for making all this music available. Having it in digital format will help me immeasurably. Thanks so much!

from Ohio

thank you for this site. Total lifesaver. Keep up the awesome work (:


Came across your site somehow - thanks for the resource. Best wishes in all of your endeavors. My singers thank you..

Best- from Houston

Hi Wanda

My pleasure. The arrangements are worth more of course - they (will) bring so much joy to players and listeners.

Thank you

Dear Wanda,

The donation wasn't much unfortunately but do keep me posted with new vocal music as love your site!

Many Thanks and Best Wishes,

This site is just awesome!

The quality of the sheet music is incredible, and the effort put into this project is clearly visible.

Thank you for sharing free scores with fellow musicians (like me).

Last, but not least, giving 3 bucks for the maintaining this site isn't much of a problem. MOST OF the scores present are at sale on most sites for more than 3$. Really, make and effort and support this initiative! It really worths it!

from Romania

Thank you! Very useful.

Thank you so much for this site! This has saved me a bunch of time and MONEY for great music for weddings and such! Thanks again!

Thank you so much for creating this website!
Enabled me to quickly get some music together. Fantastic!
Best Regards

Dear Wanda,

Many many thanks for your arrangements, really appreciated.
I needed music for a last minute ensemble change from a woodwind quintet to a woodwind trio for an engagement and was starting to panic until I found your web-site....Your arrangements are perfect and were just what I needed. We had lots of favourable comments about our choice of music! (2 hours worth!)
Again many thanks,

from New Zealand

Hi Wanda,

We had the concert today - substituted your arrangement for the terrible one we were using, and it went very well. Thanks again

Hi. Great job with all of these!

Schubert Ave Maria- thank you SO much! Couldn't find my music & I have a rehearsal tomorrow A.M.

By the way,I was grateful for BMajor vs because I gave the violinist B flat- just have to play black keys instead of white & change a few accidentals:)

I'll pass your site along!

Your site is fabulous!! You are doing such a wonderful service to musicians like me!!

from Italy